Merrick Industries Inc is synonymous throughout the world with process expertise and well-engineered measuring technology for weighing, feeding, conveying, and air filtration.

Quality Weigh Belt Feeders, Loss in Weight Feeders, Belt Scales, Impact Flow Meters, & Custom Designed Dynamic Weighing and Material Handling Solutions.

  • Merrick is a Full Engineering and Manufacturing Company (R&D, Mechanical, Electrical)
  • Technical Support-24/7 -Merrick Employees not Contracted–Live technicians for assistance, Onsite (if required) or Phone Support. Many Locations in the US and abroad.

Whether you are in the market for a new weigh feeder, are looking to replace a complete feeding system, or are concerned that your current continuous weighing system isn’t as reliable or accurate as it should be, MERRICK Industries, Inc. has the experience, expertise, and industry-leading technology solutions that you require. Serving the belt scale and feeder industry since 1908 and as the inventor of dynamic weighing and weigh feeding, MERRICK has built a reputation for designing and manufacturing high quality material handling products that are reliable, provide repeatable results, and are extremely accurate.

At Merrick, our wide selection of quality weighing systems allows us to handle a variety of dry bulk materials and applications ranging from cement to food products, power generation, mining, pharmaceuticals, steel, plastics, paper, chemicals, building materials, and even wastewater treatment. Regardless of your material handling needs, MERRICK will work closely with you to design a system that is right for your process and delivers the results that you require. MERRICK has a test laboratory to perform an actual demonstration with your material to showcase the numerous advantages of our products, their ease of use, and our commitment to accuracy, repeatability, and reliability.

Quality Lime Silos, Lime Slakers, and High Density Lime Systems

In addition to weigh feeders, conveyor belt scales, and impact flow meters, MERRICK also features state-of-the-art lime silo systems. MERRICK offers both lime slaking systems and the rapidly growing High Density Lime Systems (HDLS) invented and pioneered by ConSeCo. Lime slakers are typically suited for high volume lime users, creating a lime slurry on site with quicklime. Our lime slakers are engineered to provide the correct temperature, water-to-lime ratio, and physical agitation required for processing a variety of lime grades. High Density Lime Systems utilize hydrated lime and provide an extremely reliable and maintenance free approach to producing lime slurry. Both approaches are custom designed for municipal water plants, wastewater facilities, flue gas desulfurization, and other applications that utilize lime slurry. MERRICK’s line of lime slakers and High Density Lime System silos both offer the dependability and slurry quality that our customers expect.

Quality Retrofits and Upgrades

If you are considering upgrading or updating your current material handling or weighing system, contact MERRICK. Whether you’re interested in changing the capacity of a volumetric screw feeder, upgrading the weigh bridge of a weigh belt feeder, or modernizing the controls of an impact flow meter, we can successfully retrofit your existing equipment, regardless of make.

Commitment to Customer Service Excellence

MERRICK is dedicated to ensuring that your weigh feeding systems, belt scale installations, lime slakers, impact flow meter applications, and other material handling equipment continue to work correctly and accurately for years to come. We offer responsive, 24/7 service including phone support, local field service centres, and a comprehensive inventory of spare parts – because we know you can’t afford to waste production time offline. MERRICK supports every installation ever made to ensure Customer Satisfaction.

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